6th Grade Dreamer Essay: Awesome I Have a Dream

AmariWe decided to have a contest to determine who would represent Programs 16 & 17 during this year’s Dreamer Brunch, which was held March 3rd. Our 6th and 7th grade Dreamers were asked to write a few paragraphs about what I HAVE A DREAM means to them.  Our first winning essay was written by Amari Smith, a 6th grader at Daniel Freeman Elementary School in Inglewood.

Awesome I Have a Dream

by Amari Smith

I absolutely love I Have a Dream, it is a wonderful program. I Have a Dream has wonderful staff, and I’ve known most of them from the start. They have all been very supportive of me and they have all been there for me, especially Mrs. Chaznae and Ms. Morgan. Mrs. Chaznae and Ms. Morgan are two awesome people in my life.

I Have a Dream has also brought to me a lot of wonderful college field trips. Going on college field trips has always made me want to go to a good college and sometimes I really don’t care about which college I go to, I just want to go to a college that provides me with a good education. But I know that I have an option, so I will definitely choose LMU.

I Have a Dream also gave me a wonderful support system and a good group of people to help me along the way with my homework.

I’ve noticed that I have been improving on my homework assignments because of the help that I have been receiving from Ms. Morgan and a new staff member that just started attending I Have a Dream a couple of months ago, Ms. Yvonne. They have also been encouraging me to do my best in school and strive for great things.

I Have a Dream means a lot to me and I hope to stay with this program forever!

Thank you.


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