7th Grade Dreamer Essay: Thank You

Amber Brown

We decided to have a contest to determine who would represent Programs 16 & 17 during this year’s Dreamer Brunch, which was held March 3rd. Our 6th and 7th grade Dreamers were asked to write a few paragraphs about what I HAVE A DREAM means to them.  Our second winning essay was written by Amber Brown, a 7th grader at Century Community Charter School in Inglewood.

Thank You

by Amber Brown

I was first enrolled into the “I Have a Dream” Foundation in the first grade back in 2006, and now I am a 7th grade Honor Roll student at Century Community Charter School.

After deciding what my life goal was, I HAVE A DREAM steered me in the right direction towards acheiving it. I HAVE A DREAM has been there for me when I have been dealing with some home situations, like when my dad is deployed, and most importantly they stay on top of me when it comes to my school work.

My Program Coordinator Mrs. Walker, better known to all the Dreamers as Mrs. C, is the main person who has been here for me and my fellow Dreamers – since the very beginning in the first grade. There are times when we all try to challenge her authority, but never once did she give up on us!

Mrs. C is there helping us and making sure we are being taken care of when it comes to our schooling and home life. Knowing that she really cares about us, I feel very comfortable being around her and know I can trust her with everything.

I HAVE A DREAM has taught us all to take pride in our community, helped us to be successful in school, and points us in the right direction on how to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

Today, I am living in a world full of people filled with their own stories to tell, and I know that I’m not the only one who has a dream to change or improve my life. I’m just happy to say that I do have a dream and I will achieve that dream that I have set for myself. And I also know that I am and will always be a Dreamer!

Thank You, I Have a Dream Foundation.


Amber Brown


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