A Big Thank You to our Generous Supporters

1002139_648559955154701_1282620206_nThe College Supply Drive has been a great success so far! Our Dreamers are so happy and thankful, and they deeply appreciate all the help and support. We wanted to share some of their thank you notes:

Kassandra Valdovinos (UCLA):

Thank you! School is so expensive! Thanks for helping me out with bedding and school supplies.  I am so fortunate!

Wendy Perez (Cal State Northridge):

Hey you guys! I want to thank you so much for the donations.  They really are a blessing.  Thank you so much.

Daisy Barrios (Cal Poly Pomona):

Thank you all so much!  This is great! Thank you for everything!

Alvaro Melchor (Cal State Northridge):

Thank you all so very much!!! I appreciate all your donations and kindness!

Nancy Johnson (Dixie State University, Utah):

I appreciate your donations :).  I will put all these items to use when I’m in college.