A Blog By Amber Brown, 6th Grade Dreamer from Inglewood

IHADLA dreamer Amber Brown college tour blog post
Amber Brown

On Friday, October 29, 2012, the program 16 and program 17 Inglewood Dreamers of “I Have a Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles went on a college field trip. The name of the college was the University of Santa Barbara. I really enjoyed it and learned so much from the experience. During the college tour we passed two libraries and found out that UCSB has over 3 million books. That’s a lot of books in there, but I have to keep in mind that it is a college. Next to the library was a parking lot full of bikes. On their campus, they have over 14,000 bikes of current students.

As we asked questions about dorms and classes, our tour guide Katy took us on the grass where we can see the dorms. She then said that the students who live in the dorms are really fortunate because they can fall asleep as well as wake up to a great view overlooking the ocean. Also, what makes college really fun is that we can pick our own classes including our major. We then shared our dreams and discussed how we would achieve them. I shared that I want to major in music in college to become a professional singer as an adult.

Before we went to lunch we learned about Life Science/Oceanology. We were given a tour of the Marine Biology Department. The tour guides shared their majors with us. One student is a Marine Biology and the other is a Zoology major. We went in the science room where there were a large number of fish, sharks, starfish, eels, and much more! We were able to touch the sharks, hold the starfish, and touch the lobster. The marine biology tourists also showed us the mama shark and her eggs. Her eggs were in a separate tank, it looked like the eggs were wrapped in red licorice. I really enjoyed the field trip.

Thank You IHADLA for the college tour!