Alumna Jordan Ginyard Acknowledges IHADLA for Transforming Her Life

Our Dreamer Scholars come from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and even locations within Los Angeles. One thing that they all share in common is their dreams of achieving academically and the hard work they put into making that a reality.

Jordan Ginyard is one of those Dreamer Scholars and is an excellent role model and inspiration for our current students. As an Alumna of Program 17, she joined the “I Have a Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles in the first grade. Jordan recently graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she received her bachelor’s in Psychobiology. Jordan is now pursuing her passion for becoming a healthcare professional. This summer, she will attend Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, to begin her post-graduate studies as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner.

Ginyard contributed as a guest speaker to our Dream Big Gala 2023 and shared some touching words about the impact that IHADLA has had on her life. She stated, “Among my experiences as a Dreamer Scholar, one of my favorite memories is the Dreamer Conference held at the University of Miami. This trip was extraordinary because it provided an opportunity to connect with fellow Dreamer Scholars from diverse backgrounds and states. We shared our stories at the conference and created a space to learn from each other’s experiences, goals, and challenges. The meeting at the University of Miami opened my eyes to the vast possibilities awaiting me beyond Los Angeles. Through programs like “I Have A Dream,” I’ve gained these eye-opening experiences and learned diverse skills that enriched my childhood, including knitting, ice skating, karate, and even directing my showplay. These are a few reasons I am grateful for IHADLA; they expand our minds and introduce us to new things that are not always easily accessible.”

IHADLA’s most prominent mission is to empower our Dreamer Scholars to succeed in their academic endeavors and show them that if they can dream it they can be it. We are immensely proud of Jordan and her accomplishments, and she contributes much of her success to the support she received from her Program Coordinators and Community Partners.