College and Career Coordinator – Program 18 Watts

Anabella Linares is the College and Career Coordinator for Program 18. A recent college graduate herself; Anabella is excited and prepared to be assisting thepost-secondary Dreamer Scholars in their endeavors and is glad to be a part of IHADLA. As someone who grew up in Los Angeles County and experienced the privilege of assistive organizations similar to IHADLA, Anabella hopes to give back and looks forward to supporting the Dreamer Scholars in both academic and socioemotional avenues.

Anabella received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo. In her 3 years of undergraduate studies, she discovered that her passions lie within the realm of developmental, social, and family psychology. This is largely due to her involvement and internship with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, where she developed an affinity for the helping professions as a result of her one-on-one work with children and families. Anabella is eager to learn and intends to pursue higher education but is excited to grow and change as a member of IHADLA.