Annie Potts Returns to 99th Street to Read to Dreamers

If there’s one thing our Dreamers love more than guests, it’s guests who come back. Enter Annie Potts, a good friend to IHADLA and a repeat Dream Speaker! Annie first visited our 3rd grade Dreamers at 99th Street Elementary in Watts last fall, when she spent the afternoon reading Rudyard Kipling’s “The Elephant’s Child” to the students.


This week, Annie returned, to the delight of our Dreamers, and she brought two of her favorite books: “Thank You, Mr. Falker” and “The Lion and The Little Red Bird.” The students were riveted by Annie, who is a wonderful storyteller. Her generosity did not end there: she brought a copy of each of the books for the Dreamers to add to their library.


When the visit came to an end and it was homework time, Annie posed for photos with the Dreamers, who expressed their gratitude with hugs. We are so grateful to Annie for her time and willingness to bring so much joy to the Dreamers. We all look forward to her returning again.

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