Enrichment Trips: IHADLA Dreamer scholars Learn About Marine Life During Aquarium of the Pacific STEM Visit

Enrichment trips are a key component of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) program. Through enrichment trips, we seek to spark our students’ imaginations, inspire their curiosity for learning, and introduce them to careers they can pursue in the future. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) topics and fields are often a key focus during these trips because we strive to introduce our students (whom we call “Dreamer scholars”) to the many growing careers involving the sciences. During one of our most recent enrichment trips, our Dreamer scholars had the opportunity to learn about marine animals and life science careers during a fun-filled visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach!

IHADLA Dreamer scholars Learn About the Importance of Marine Life During Aquarium STEM Trip

IHADLA Enrichment Trip Students Next to Fish Tank
The aquarium tanks contained many different types of marine animals, some of which the Dreamer scholars had never seen before

This enrichment trip provided a great opportunity for the Dreamer scholars to lean about STEM and the importance of marine life while bonding with their peers and creating fun memories. The trip was packed with activities, and the Dreamer scholars got to check out many of the aquarium’s areas, including exhibits focused on amphibians and sea jellies. The Dreamer scholars also had the opportunity to ask the Aquarium of the Pacific staff questions about all the animals they saw.

IHADLA Student Dreamer Petting Fish At Aquarium of the Pacific
One of the highlights for the Dreamer scholars was having the opportunity to actually pet some of the animals

The Dreamer scholars got to see many different types of marine animals — from fish and sharks to stringrays and pengiuns. But they were especially delighted by the strange and intriguing jellyfish. They even got to touch some of the non-poisonous species in a smaller exhibit! The Dreamer scholars were fascinated to learn that not all jellyfish are actually poisonous, and they were excited to hear from the aquarium staff about all the biological reasons why some jellyfish are poisonous and some aren’t. For some Dreamer scholars, it was their first time touching a jellyfish, and the looks of amazement and excitement on their faces as they touched the animals were unforgettable.

IHADLA Student Dreamers At Jellyfish Tank in Aquarium of the Pacific
The Dreamer scholars were fascinated by the sea jellies

After the exciting and informative tour through the aquarium, the Dreamer scholars ended their day by relaxing in nearby Rainbow Bay. They shared their favorite trip moments with each other and ate their lunches next to the Lions Lighthouse for Sight. The trip was great fun for all the Dreamer scholars, and they headed home with a stronger appreciation for the oceans and all the different animals that live in them. And maybe, in the future, one of our inspired Dreamer scholars will be the one educating the next generations about marine animals and their importance in our world.

Group Shot of Smiling IHADLA Dreamers During Aquarium of the Pacific Trip
A group shot of the Dreamer scholars during their trip

We look forward to bringing you more news as our Dreamer scholars continue to grow and learn more about the world in future enrichment trips!

More Photos From the Dreamer scholars’ STEM Trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific

IHADLA Dreamers Beneath Marine Life Exhibit During Aquarium Field Trip
The Dreamer scholars had a chance to get up close with the marine animals in this exhibit
IHADLA Dreamer Posing with Great White Shark During Aquarium Enrichment Trip
The marine life models in the Shark Lagoon area were a big hit
IHADLA Student Dreamers Enrichment Trip Squid Models
These squid models provided a great photo spot
IHADLA Aquarium of the Pacific Enrichment Trip Dreamers on Fish Model
The Dreamer scholars had a lot of fun posing for the pictures
IHADLA Dreamers Posing with Ship Wheel During Marine Life Enrichment Trip
After the aquarium trip, the Dreamer scholars relaxed and had fun in nearby Rainbow Bay in Long Beach
IHADLA Enrichement Trip Student Dreamers Group Shot by Lions Lighthouse for Sight
The Dreamer scholars ended their day by sharing their favorite moments with each other and eating their lunches next to the nearby Lions Lighthouse for Sight