IHADLA Dreamers Participate in Hygiene Activity Workshops and Receive Hygiene Kits Generously Donated by Cedars-Sinai

In addition to academic support, a key component of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) whole-child program is health and hygiene education. We strive to ensure our students (whom we call our “Dreamers”) know the importance of good health and hygiene practices, especially our younger Dreamers. With good health practices, our Dreamers can avoid getting sick and prevent the spread of illnesses. Thanks to help from Cedars-Sinai, who donated hygiene kits for our students, we were recently able to teach our elementary school Dreamers in Boyle Heights about good health practices through hygiene activities workshops.

IHADLA Boyle Heights Boy Dreamers with Cedars-Sinai Donations
The Dreamers recently participated in hygiene workshops

Boyle Heights Dreamers Learned about Good Health Practices through Hygiene Activities

Boyle Heights IHADLA Dreamer Students with Cedars-Sinai Hygiene Packs
The Dreamers loved the hygiene packs that Cedars-Sinai graciously donated

The Dreamer boys and Dreamers girls participated in separate workshops, but both groups completed four activity stations led by a program coordinator. The first station focused on the importance of washing your hands to prevent the spread of germs. To symbolize and visualize the spread of germs, the Dreamers touched flour and then had pretend conversations during which they shook hands and had other contact with their activity partners. By the end of the conversation, the Dreamers were able to see how easily germs (in this case symbolized by the flour) can spread. This fun activity taught the young Dreamers a key lesson that will help them minimize the spread of germs and illnesses at school and at home, especially during flu season.

Dreamers Used Mouth Models to Learn Proper Brushing and Flossing Techniques

IHADLA Girl Dreamer with Mouth Model for Hygiene Activity Workshop
The Dreamers learned proper brushing and flossing techniques using mouth models created with construction paper and marshmellows

The second station focused on the importance of brushing your teeth. For this activity, the Dreamers first created models of mouths with teeth using construction paper and marshmallows. After building the models, the Dreamers learned about proper brushing and flossing techniques. The program coordinator modeled each step of the brushing and flossing process, and the Dreamers mimicked the techniques on their mouth models. This fun activity taught the Dreamers the proper way to keep their teeth and mouth fresh and clean.

Dreamers Learned Important Showering and Hair Maintenance Tips

IHADLA Hygiene Activities Workshop for Boyle Heights Dreamers
The Dreamers watched a video full of great hygiene tips

The third station focused on the importance of showering and washing one’s hair regularly. For this station, the Dreamers watched an informative video full of helpful hygiene advice, such as using lukewarm water to shower and avoiding hairbrush sharing to prevent the spread of lice. They also learned about the importance of keeping hair manageable and easy to clean by cutting and grooming it regularly. These health tips will help the Dreamers during their daily hygiene routines.

Dreamers Learned about the Importance of Clean Clothes

Boyle Heights Girl Dreamers with Mannequin for Clean Clothes Hygiene Lesson
The Dreamers expressed their style and learned about the importance of clean clothes with mannequins

The final workshop station focused on the importance of keeping clothes clean. The station contained a small mannequin with stained clothes, and the Dreamers were tasked with removing the mannequin’s dirty clothes and creating a new, stylish outfit to replace them. In addition to teaching the Dreamers about the importance of clean clothes, this activity gave the Dreamers a chance to be creative and express themselves through the clothes they created for the mannequin.

Cedars-Sinai Donated Hygiene Kits for our Boyle Heights Elementary School Dreamers

After completing the four activity stations, the Dreamers were ready to receive their hygiene kits, which were donated by Cedars-Sinai! Thanks to Cedars-Sinai’s very generous donation, the Dreamers got a chance to put what they learned into practice using the various items in their new kits. Each kit was full of useful hygiene items, such as toothpaste, deodorant, dental floss, and chap sticks.

Cedars-Sinai Donations for IHADLA Elementary School Dreamers Workshop
A group shot of the Dreamer boys with their hygiene packs from Cedars-Sinai
Group Shot of Hygiene Lessons Workshop for IHADLA Dreamers
A group shot of the Dreamers girls with their hygiene packs and activity models

After completing the hygiene activities and receiving their hygiene kits, the Dreamers are ready to follow healthy practices that will keep them and people around them healthy and happy. Thank you very much to Cedars-Sinai for their generous donation of hygiene kits for our Dreamers!

How You Can Help

If you would like to help us continue to offer our Dreamers educational activities like these hygiene workshops, please visit our How You Can Help page by clicking the graphic below or navigating to the How You Can Help tab on our website. You can get involved with IHADLA in many ways, such as by donating, volunteering, mentoring, or being a Dream Speaker for our students.
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