Bringing Science to Life with the David Gordon Louis Daniel Foundation

Since 2016, the David Gordon Louis Daniel Foundation has partnered with IHAD-LA to bring hands-on/minds-on science activities to the students in Boyle Heights during the summer.

The Science Explorers program engages students with exhilarating, high-interest explorations in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) areas of study. The students continue to explore biology (human, insects, plants), Newtons Laws of Motion, the Science of Sound, Rockets, the Solar System and the Science of Air and Flight–along with engineering and design challenges.

This experiential program is fully immersive. Science Explorers offers our students the opportunity to learn about the world around them by being hands-on—whether it is making, building or experimenting. These experiences include making a sound sandwich, building a skeleton, and demonstrating the power of air on a ping pong ball.  All Science Explorer lessons align with state and national standards for elementary grades while fostering curiosity about each topic with a fun, student-focused approach seldom encountered during the academic year.