Crossroads Students Return to 99th Street

Our 3rd grade Dreamers at 99th Street Elementary school get very excited when guests visit, and they were over the top when they heard the students from Crossroads School in Santa Monica were coming back!

Approximately twenty students from Crossroads, all from the middle school boys’ and girls’ soccer teams, arrived at 2:00 pm, just in time to mix and mingle with the Dreamers during their nutrition break. They then split up into teams for “homework time.”


Extra support and one-on-one attention is extremely beneficial for our students, and the Crossroads students are excellent mentors.   Math homework, specifically the multiplication tables, was the main focus.


At 4:00 pm, we announced: “Homework time is over.”  The response was both surprising and wonderful – almost in unison, the Dreamers exclaimed, “Noooo, five more minutes please?”  Homework Time, it appeared, was even more fun when accompanied by new Crossroads tutors.


Dreamer Gladis, who is always as gracious as can be with guests, told us that what she likes best about having the Crossroads students visit is, “playing, getting help with her homework, and talking together.” Gladis asked her new Crossroads Big Sis if she was coming back, and she told her she would miss her.

Dreamer Zamyra received help making flash cards from her Crossroads mentor, and in just over an hour, she learned the multiples of 2, 3 and 4!

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