Watts IHADLA Dreamer Scholars Go On A College Prep Trip to Cal State Fullerton (CSUF)

Early exposure to college campuses is a key part of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) program. This early exposure allows our students (whom we call our “Dreamer scholars”) to familiarize themselves with the opportunities and services offered on college campuses and to begin seeing college as a real possibility for themselves. We take our Dreamer scholars on several trips to different college campuses throughout the course of their K-12 school years to ensure that they are acquainted with a variety of schools and programs. Recently, our middle school Dreamer scholars from Watts were able to get a glimpse of college life during their college prep field trip to Cal State Fullerton (CSUF).

Watts IHADLA Students Group Shot with Fullerton Titans Sign
The Dreamer scholars took a group shot in front of the Fullerton Titans sign outside the CSUF student center

Watts IHADLA Dreamer Scholars Take A College Tour of CSUF

This college field trip was a great opportunity for the Dreamer scholars to become acquainted with the typical size and layout of a college. The Dreamer scholars went on a full tour of the CSUF campus, and they had a great time as the tour guide showed them around and explained the importance and significance of various CSU Fullerton landmarks. The tour also gave the Dreamer scholars a chance to learn about the importance of school history and school pride in many college campuses. Thanks to the many landmarks, there were many great opportunities for pictures around campus, including in front of the huge TITANS sign in front of the Titan Student Union.

IHADLA Student Next to Ruby Gerontology Center Sign at CSUF
This Dreamer scholar stopped for a photo next to the Ruby Gerontology Center sign

The CSUF Gaming and eSports Club Held a Presentation for Our IHADLA Students

CSUF Gaming and eSports Club Presentation for Watts IHADLA Dreamers
A few of our Dreamer scholars with a member of the Gaming Club during the Gaming and eSports Club presentation

As part of the college tour, the Dreamer scholars had the opportunity to attend a presentation by the Cal State Fullerton Gaming and eSports Club. A member of the club graciously hosted the presentation for our Dreamer scholars, during which he informed them about all the activities the club does, how to join, and what games and consoles the club members play. The Dreamer scholars were amazed to learn that eSports players can earn scholarships to Cal State Fullerton, with some scholarships including up to a whole semester’s worth of tuition. For our Dreamer scholars who love to game, this was a great introduction to opportunities they can pursue when applying for college. For all the Dreamer scholars, the presentation was a great example of the variety of clubs and activities they can get involved in once they get to college.

Dreamer Scholars Experienced Dorm Life During College Prep Trip

Watts IHADLA Dreamers at Cal State Fullerton Dorm Rooms During Trip
The tour of the CSUF residential area was a highlight for the Dreamer scholars

As part of the tour, the Dreamer scholars were also able to enter the college dorms and experience what college life could possibly be like for them in the future. It was the Dreamer scholars’ first time actually being in dorm rooms, and it was a great opportunity for them to begin thinking about whether or not they might be interested in living in a dorm when they enroll in college. Thanks to the CSUF guide, the Dreamer scholars learned about all aspects of dorm life. The Dreamer scholars also had the opportunity to eat in the Gastronome, Cal State Fullerton’s residential cafeteria. For many of our Dreamer scholars, it was also their first time eating in a college cafeteria, and they had a great time checking out the menus and seeing the variety of options available.

IHADLA Program 18 Students Listening to CSUF Tour Guide
The CSUF tour guide informed the Dreamer scholars about all aspects of dorm life

Dreamer Scholars Left the CSUF College Tour Informed and Inspired

Group Shot of IHADLA Watts Dreamers During Trip to CSUF
The Dreamer scholars had a great time on their trip to CSUF

The Dreamer scholars had a great time during their activity-packed college prep field trip. After seeing the campus landmarks and the great opportunities available on campus, some of our Dreamer scholars even left the tour wanting to enroll in CSUF when they graduate high school. For all the Dreamer scholars, the trip was an invaluable introduction to the college experience and all it entails. Thank you to the CSUF tour guides and the Fullerton eSports and Gaming Club for helping our Dreamer scholars learn about college, dorm life, and the opportunities available at CSUF!

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