Our Dreamers Dream BIG with STEAM!

Every year the I Have a Dream Foundation – Los Angeles gives all of our student Dreamers the opportunity to meet one another, share stories, work together, partake in STEAM/ STEM activities, and have fun during the Dream Big Event. Dreaming big is no small feat for these young, eager students, as they strive to attend some of the top universities in the nation and desire to major in computer engineering, neuroscience, game design, and more! We are so proud of their academic and social accomplishments, and IHADLA continues to support them until they reach their goals.

Volunteers Help IHADLA Dreamer Students at Dream Big Event

IHADLA strives to give our Dreamers a taste of what the world has to offer and desires for them to continue to chase their dreams toward a bright future! Dream Big opens our Dreamers’ eyes to various opportunities and career paths in the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics; that’s STEM plus the arts) fields, as volunteers from schools such as CSULB and CalTech host workshops during the event to inspire the students to think outside of the box. Other than fun-filled technology, engineering, science, and math related workshops, the Dreamers also participate in the arts through dancing and hands-on designing that is incorporated into the day’s schedule. Dream Big is truly a wonderful opportunity for our Dreamers to experience a variety of different activities and engage with their peers in a relaxed and supportive environment. It is also a fantastic opportunity for Dreamer parents and families to involve themselves in their child’s education by sitting in on workshops catered toward learning financial literacy, advocating for their student, and making healthy choices.

This year’s Dream Big event was hosted at Sunrise Elementary in Boyle Heights, which our new class of 3rd graders currently attends, on November 21st. Thanks to Sunrise Elementary’s staffs’ efforts to organize and support IHADLA in putting together the event, Dream Big was a huge success! In addition, we would like to say a huge thank you to Southern California Edison for the incredibly generous grant to support our STEAM and STEM initiatives! Events like these would not be possible without the kindness of so many individuals, organizations, foundations, and schools, and the “I Have a Dream” Foundation is truly grateful!

Program 19 Boyle Heights Finger prints workshop Dream Big STEAM 2015
Program 19 Dreamers from Boyle Heights with the fingerprints they made at one of the Dream Big workshops
Program 16/17 Inglewood Dreamers designing on computers STEAM STEM workshop
High school Dreamers from Program 16/17 in Inglewood learning how to design 3D objects on the computer
Dreamers from Program 18 Watts Boyle Heights Dream Big 2015 learning about virtual reality STEAM STEM workshop
6th grade Dreamers from Program 18 in Watts learning about virtual reality programming