Dream Speakers from Paramount Pictures Visit 6th Grade Dreamers at Daniel Freeman Elementary

This week we were thrilled to welcome four guests from Paramount Pictures to Daniel Freeman Elementary School in Inglewood to discuss their careers with our 6th grade Dreamers.  As part of our Dream Speaker series, Ashley Tucker (Coordinator, Corporate Social Responsibility), Ovette Slaughter-Bormann (VP of Employee Relations Legal Services), Britta Wilson (Sr. VP of Human Resource, Organization and People) and Kevin Gray (VP, IT Infrastructure) all brought their unique stories and experiences to share with our Dreamers. It was informative and fun for all in attendance.


It is always exciting when guests visit our Dreamers and broaden their knowledge of what and how businesses and industries work. For this occasion, our Dreamers were introduced to some very interesting people who work in a variety of areas at Paramount Studios. It was enlightening for the students to learn how a big Hollywood studio is run, beyond the production of film and television.


The Dream Speakers left our Dreamers with some words of advice, based on their own experiences including:

Ashley:  She thought she’d pursue a career in politics, but through her service in AmeriCorps, she found herself drawn to something different. Her position in corporate social responsibility has afforded her an opportunity to help Paramount give back to its community, and she loves it.

Ovette:  She loves working with people and being a problem solver.  She is a lawyer who helps people resolve issues rather than argue in court. She loves how each day presents new challenges and is always confident in her abilities to handle them.

Britta: She always knew she loved people and teaching. Britta loves her career in human resources because she works with so many people to help them to excel in their careers.

Kevin:  Kevin began by exclaiming, “You are going to college! It’s the most important thing you can do and you need to work hard every day.”  He shared his own struggles as a college student who didn’t take school seriously, but through hard work he turned things around and got his degree – which he said almost immediately tripled his income!

Our inquisitive 6th grade Dreamers prepared some interesting and thought-provoking questions for our guest speakers. They were eager to learn about where our guests had attended college, where they had worked throughout their careers, and what their favorite subjects were in school.

Dreamer Taylor asked the question, “If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?” The Dream Speakers each had very interesting answers:

Ashley: Harriett Tubman
Britt: Rosa Parks
Ovette: The Obamas
Kevin: Martin Luther King, Jr.

At one point, Dreamer Michael asked the speakers if they knew who Emmett Till was, which sparked an interesting discussion about his life and legacy.

We currently have Dreamers in 3rd, 6th, 7th and 12th grade. If you would like to become a Dream Speaker, please visit our website or contact us at (213) 572-0175.

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