Dreamer Scholar Spotlight: Jazmyn Davis

Jazmyn Davis, a Dreamer Scholar from Program 16 located in Inglewood (and now a Dreamer Alumna), graduated last year from high school. Davis is now a freshman at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. When asked about the impact IHADLA has had on her and her family, Davis said,

“The I Have a Dream Foundation has not only introduced me to things at a young age, pushing me to think harder and longer about certain situations, but it has encouraged me to be the best version of my myself at all times. IHADLA has had a positive impact on me and my family, especially when growing up, considering all the adversities that I faced. I could always count to them, especially Mrs. C, to be a support to me. Lastly, IHADLA introduced to me at a young age the concept of college, making Spelman nothing but an application away. 

Separately, going into a STEM field has had nothing to do with the enrichment programs IHADLA provided, but what I experienced in my personal life. In 2009, my older sister was 8 months pregnant and involved in a love triangle. This resulted in her being run over by an outraged driver, taking her unborn child’s life and almost hers. Ever since this point becoming an Obstrecian-Gynecologist has been a dream of mine. This is the reason I chose to go into the STEM field. IHADLA just provided with the foundation that I can do all things after putting my mind to it.”