Hi Dreamers!

This is a page where you can come for your scholarship forms. We’re so proud of you for how far you’ve come in your education thus far, and we’re excited for your next steps! We want to support you throughout your college years.

We’re always here for you – for advice or whatever else you may need. Everyone at our executive office has attended or is attending college, so we know it can be confusing, but we also know what has worked for us. So please, if you need any sort of support, always feel free to call our offices.

Please see below for important forms and updates. To view a form, click on the title.

 Scholarship Request Form
Don’t forget: Scholarship request forms with all applicable documents must be sent to scholarship@ihadla.org or faxed to (213)572-0179.


Having trouble? Call (213)572-0175 and an IHADLA representative will be happy to help you.