Spreading Cheer with Home Depot Holiday Donations

The holiday season brings generosity, warmth, and kindness as people desire to help others and spread holiday cheer in any way they can. When one of our program coordinators in Watts, Lupe Camberos, heard that some of the families could not afford Christmas trees this year, she sprang into action to track down some trees! Thanks to the kindness of The Home Depot in Huntington Park, Compton, and Downey, Lupe was able to make our Dreamers’ and their families’ holidays that much brighter. These Home Depot locations generously made these holiday donations: a total of 6 Christmas trees to our families, along with 6 sets of lights and tool boxes to assemble the trees! The families who received Christmas trees were incredibly thankful and appreciative, as the trees came as a wonderful, unexpected surprise. Even better, the Dreamers and their siblings were very excited to begin decorating the trees! With the generosity of the Home Depot, Lupe truly helped make the holidays much more festive, warm, and cheerful for some of our Dreamers and their families.

IHADLA Education Charity for Children Serves Their Families as Well

The “I Have a Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) serves the whole-child by providing academic, socio-emotional, and cultural support. We strongly believe that a child cannot be academically successful without addressing other factors that may prevent him or her from living a fulfilling childhood. Many of our student Dreamers come from circumstances that can negatively influence academic performance. IHADLA does its best to serve the Dreamers and their families and resolve or alleviate these issues. However, these relationships between the organization, the Dreamers, and their families would not be possible without IHADLA’s amazing program coordinators, such as Lupe and Alberto from Program 18, who work extensively to understand each Dreamer’s unique situation to better serve them.

IHADLA Program 18 Watts Christmas Tree Donation
A happy Dreamer, Dreamer mother, and the Christmas tree–thank you Home Depot!

Holiday Donations Help Watts Families in Need

“I Have a Dream” – LA is grateful for supporters such as the Home Depot, as their donations have made and will continue to make a lasting impression on our Dreamers and their families. In addition to the holiday donations, the Home Depot has also donated a significant amount of other items to IHADLA for various programming needs and projects! The organization would not be where it is today without the amazing and kindhearted donations from the local communities we work in, as well as the ongoing support from many other individuals, businesses, and foundations. Thank you for supporting the work IHADLA does and for making this holiday season extra special and memorable for Los Angeles youth!

IHADLA Watts decorated tree from Home Depot Christmas Donations
A beautifully decorated tree by a Dreamer and their family.