“I Have a Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) works to break generational poverty by providing individualized academic, emotional and experiential support to young people in L.A.’s underserved communities from first grade through high school and transitioning into college. Our students are also guaranteed tuition support. We believe that when given equal access to the resources they need to succeed, all children can ignite their innate potential and achieve their dreams.

How It Works Whole Child Education

Ensuring Success in Postsecondary and Beyond

Embarking upon the higher education journey, while certainly a cause for celebration, is only the first step. Ensuring our students successfully complete their postsecondary education is achieved via our recently launched “College Check-In” program where mentoring and case management continue.

Once our students graduate, we stay connected to them through our Alumni program that provides local reunions, gatherings, and opportunities for them to engage with current program participants to become mentors, volunteers and Dream Speakers.

Inglewood IHADLA Dreamers Program 16 and 17 children in poverty beginning the road to success with IHADLA support
Getting started: Programs 16 and 17 from Inglewood
Tour guide USF IHADLA Inglewood Whole Child Education Northern California College Tour
Programs 16 and 17 Inglewood students on college tour of USF – 2016
High School Graduates of IHADLA Program 15 in Pasadena
High school graduates from IHADLA Program 15 in Pasadena
High School graduation is the first step to taking children out of poverty and changing underserved communities in Los Angeles
Boyle Heights Program 14 graduates with their diplomas

IHADLA Changes Los Angeles Communities by Creating a Ripple Effect

IHADLA program participants can greatly impact those around them. As a result, in addition to directly supporting hundreds of students, we indirectly support many hundreds more who benefit from the effects of our program. For example, parents can attend workshops on financial planning and supporting their children academically. We also invite other students to join events and programs as space becomes available. Often, after looking to our students as examples, Dreamers’ siblings and cousins alter their future paths as they begin to see college as a real possibility.

We educate underprivileged youth in Los Angeles so that together we can change communities into better places in which to grow up, live, and work.

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