There are so many meaningful ways you can help us make a difference:

Social Media

Engaging with “I Have A Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) on social media helps raise awareness for our organization. Awareness is essential to our sustainability. Liking, commenting, mentioning us, retweeting and posting links to our blog posts or website pages helps tremendously. Subscribing to us on YouTube raises our search ranking within YouTube and on Google.

  • Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, GooglePlus
  • Subscribe to us on YouTube
  • Provide a 5 star rating and write a brief review of IHADLA for Google. This link takes you to the review page found searching for I Have a Dream Foundation Los Angeles.
  • Mention us on your blog or media outlet.

We are always very grateful for blog and media mentions.

Of course, simply talking about IHADLA with your friends, family, and colleagues is also a very helpful boost to our awareness.