IHADLA Alumna Jazmyn Davis: “My Family and My Community Are My Main Motivators in Life”

Jazmyn Davis was born and raised in Inglewood, California and was in the first grade at Daniel Freeman Elementary School when IHADLA first became part of her life. As a first-generation college student, Jazmyn is proud to share that “I attended the #1 HBCU, Spelman College and recently completed my undergraduate degree majoring in Economics and Biology.”

Despite her many personal and health related traumas, the challenges that come with going to college out-of-state, along with the tribulations brought on by the pandemic, Jazmyn was determined to stay and complete college. She managed to finish her undergraduate degree this year in 3 ½ years with honors! “Throughout my life, I have had to climb many mountains to get to where I am today. The chaos that has surrounded my life has been unimaginable, but has been my motive to be successful. Alongside that, being an African American female from Los Angeles, being raised by a single mother, and going to an accredited 4-year university and majoring in biology and economics were some of my motives…”

There are many other motivators that Jazmyn cites for staying and completing her undergraduate degree, but her family and her community are some of her greatest inspirations. “…I wanted to make my mom, dad, and family proud. I was determined to provide a better lifestyle for myself and my family. Despite my dysfunctional surroundings, I refuse to use my upbringing as an excuse not to succeed. Truthfully, my world has been my motive behind my incessant battle to attain nothing but greatness, and the goals I wish to achieve in my life. I would like to instill the motivation that is missing in the youth in my community…because in a sense, we’re just alike.”

But Jazmyn’s goals for her education and career don’t stop at completing her undergraduate education. “Currently, I am going through the interview process for a few prospective jobs while applying for a few master programs with the  intention of deferring my acceptance to work for two years. Being in college during the pandemic has changed my career path, but has allowed me to continue to follow my passion for women’s health. My career aspirations are to work in healthcare administration, with the goal in owning a women’s and birthing center. I plan to advocate and help those who are unable to help themselves.”

Jazmyn is grateful for the impact that IHADLA has had in shaping the goals and expectations that she has set for her life. “IHADLA is all that I’ve known since I was 5 years old, so I guess it is appropriate to say that they are an integral part of who I am and who I’ve become. IHADLA has been like a second family to me. I feel that being exposed to so many college visits and things through IHADLA helped and will continue to help me shape the goals and expectations that I set for myself.”

One of her favorite memories she experienced with IHADLA was being able to participate in one of the Dreamer conferences in Boston. “I really enjoyed traveling across the country and meeting so many people who were part of the same program as me. Touring college campuses was something that I was exposed to since first grade, but touring colleges out of state definitely further encouraged me to go to school away from home (something I always wanted to do since a young age).”

As for the role she thinks IHADLA will play in shaping the future of our communities… “IHADLA will give the future of our communities hope and something to look forward to.”