IHADLA Announces New Interim Executive Director, Janell Lewis!

The “I Have A Dream” Foundation-Los Angeles (IHADLA) Board of Directors announced today to the community that Senior Director of Programs, Janell Lewis, has been appointed the organization’s new Interim Executive Director, following Pamela Miller’s recent departure.

The organization is very grateful to Pamela Miller, who has been at the helm of IHADLA for over 2 years. As CEO/Executive Director, Pam’s impact on the lives of our students and their families has been immense, and she has led the organization with vision and devotion. She will remain involved with IHADLA in support of our Dreamer Scholars and our mission, and we thank her for all she has accomplished.

Janell Lewis, MSW, has been with IHADLA since 2013, most recently as Pam’s righthand, Senior Director of Programs.

Together Pam and Janell launched our newest Dreamer Scholar Program 20, a cohort of 1st/2nd graders (now 3rd/4th graders) at the Frank D. Parent Elementary School in Inglewood. They also began our first College and Career initiative that supports all of our ’18 and ’19 IHADLA high school graduates.

Most recently, the COVID-19 crisis has presented challenges that Janell has helped innovatively address by forming more community partnerships, systematizing online communication, prioritizing mental health support, and finding new avenues to secure program resources. She has strived daily to assure that the basic needs, as well as the academic, emotional and social needs of all members of our community are addressed during this very trying time of job loss, illness, and uncertainty.

Janell’s advocacy for the success of our students is unmatched. She has the experience, psychosocial training, passion, expertise, and creativity to carry on IHADLA’s difficult and important work.

Please join the Board in welcoming Janell in her new role, as we together continue to provide opportunity and support for our students in this ever more challenging landscape.