We are incredibly excited about our our 20th program, in which we will be supporting 60 students at Frank D. Parent School in Inglewood.

From college field trips and arts programs, to academic tutoring, counseling services and mentoring, we work with our students all the way to high school transitioning into college and beyond, to provide everything in our power to help them achieve lasting success.

The students of Program 20, like all of our students, come from an under-resourced community:

  • 21% of the population lives below the poverty level.
  • 74% of Frank D. Parents’ students qualify for free or reduced meals.
  • 68% of the school’s students did not meet state testing standards for English.
  • 85% did not meet state standards for Math.

Program 20 will be led by Chaznae Walker a dedicated IHADLA staff member who’s worked as a Program Coordinator in Inglewood since 2006, and our new Program Coordinator, Georgina Cortinas.