In 2006 and 2007, we sponsored our 16th and 17th classes back to back at Daniel Freeman Elementary School in Inglewood, when the students were in the first grade. This means that “I Have a Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) sponsored not only two classes, but two entire grades from the elementary school. In total, 120 students (“Dreamers”) participated in our Inglewood whole-child education program. Our 16th class, which graduated in summer of 2018, had a 98% high school graduation rate!

We also just announced our 20th class of more than 50 students at Frank D. Parent school.

Many low-income families reside in Inglewood. Our whole-child education and mentoring programs are making a difference in this community.

Our Inglewood Dreamers are curious, bright and motivated. Through our programs, they have experienced a number of influential field trips, guest speakers, and college campuses, including USC, UCLA, Whittier College, Loyola Marymount University, California State University Long Beach and many others.

The best thing is having a staff that helps me and that I can respect. ‘I Have a Dream’ feels like a big family.”- Class of 2017 Dreamer

Extracurricular Programs Raise High School Graduation Rates

Our high school Dreamers participate in the IHADLA Saturday Academy program on a regular basis, where they have access to one-on-one homework help and a college-readiness curriculum, including PSAT, SAT or ACT preparation, help applying for financial aid, health programs, classes on creating a personal book for college entry applications, and a paid internship through the Work Is Success Internship Program, which is going into its second year. These are essential program elements for the youth in this community. This participation rate translates into high school graduation rates for our Dreamers that clearly trump the high school drop out rates in Inglewood as a whole.

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