MSW, ACSW Senior Director of Programs

Janell Lewis first served IHADLA as a Master of Social Work intern from the University of Southern California with an emphasis on Community Organization, Planning, and Administration (COPA). She focused on streamlining student case management data and through that lens created a needs assessment survey that is utilized annually to identify programming needs and drive resource support. As Senior Director of Programs, Janell is responsible for the development, operations and oversight of IHADLA programs and program staff.

She also serves as Field Instructor, directly supporting the MSW interns who serve the organization. Janell and the MSW interns collaborate to expose the barriers that surround dream-scholars and their families; they also provide individual and group psychosocial support, advocacy, and resource linkage, which fosters effective coping strategies and honors resilience.

Prior to joining the executive office team, Janell held years of experience effectively managing people and programs, as well as engaging in both micro and macro social work practice, among diverse populations. Distinctively, she has facilitated comprehensive clinical and academic support for students in elementary through post-secondary education. Her work demonstrated a centralized theme of supporting individuals, organizations, and communities. Janell’s personal mission is to optimize growth and inspire hope among dream-scholars and their respective families so all can maximize their full potential.