Inglewood IHADLA Dreamer Scholars Visit Los Angeles Food Bank for Community Service Trip

Community service is very important to the “I Have A Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA). As an organization dedicated to empowering communities, we know the importance of reaching out and helping community members in need, especially in under-resourced neighborhoods in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our students, (whom we call “Dreamer scholars”) in Inglewood also know firsthand the power of community service, so they were recently thrilled to be able to give back and positively impact the Greater Los Angeles area by joining an IHADLA volunteer group for a community service trip to the Los Angeles Food Bank.

Smiling Inglewood IHADLA Dreamers During Los Angeles Food Bank Trip
The Inglewood Dreamer scholars recently had the opportunity to volunteer at the Los Angeles Food Bank

Inglewood IHADLA Dreamer Scholars Helped Glean Donated Food at the Los Angeles Food Bank

IHADLA Dreamers LA Food Bank Community Service Trip
The Dreamer scholars helped sort, clean, and repackage donated food items. This process is known as gleaning

Everyone in our volunteer group, which consisted of IHADLA staff, Dreamer scholars, Dreamer scholar friends, and one of our Dreamer scholar mentors, was very excited for the trip, and all of them put in hard work throughout the day. Along with other volunteers, our group primarily assisted by helping the staff “glean” the food donations. Gleaning refers to the process of sorting, inspecting, and repackaging food items, and it’s a process that needs to be done every day for all the new donated food at the LA Food Bank. The IHADLA volunteers primarily helped glean apples, heads of lettuce, and tomatoes.

IHADLA Student Dreamer Volunteers Sorting Apples During Community Service Trip
The Dreamer scholars, along with other food bank volunteers, helped glean various healthy fruits and vegetables

IHADLA Dreamer Scholars Get their Friends Involved in Community Service Trip to Los Angeles Food Bank

This community service trip was truly an IHADLA group effort, and we were very proud to see our Dreamer scholars give back to the community. We were especially proud to see several of the Dreamer scholars positively influence their friends by getting them involved in community service. Thanks to these Dreamer scholars’ initiative, their friends now know the joy and life-changing power of giving back. This trip was a great example of our Dreamer scholars helping IHADLA reach entire communities by encouraging people close to them to help fellow community members in need.

Inglewood Student Dreamers Smiling After Sorting Apples at LA Food Bank
Some of the Dreamer scholars reached out to their friends and brought them along on the trip

Thanks to the work of the Los Angeles Food Bank and the help of our IHADLA volunteer group, fresh and healthy food will be available for people in need in the Greater Los Angeles area. We are so proud of our Inglewood Dreamer scholars and staff for their show of community support!

Inglewood IHADLA Student Volunteers for Los Angeles Food Bank
A group shot of some of the Dreamer scholars who volunteered for the food bank

Volunteering Information

The Los Angeles Food Bank cannot do its work without the help of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer for the food bank, please visit the Los Angeles Food Bank Volunteer Information page.

IHADLA is also always grateful for volunteer support. If you would like to learn more about how you can help us, please visit our How You Can Help page.