LA Rams Select IHADLA Watts Volunteer Dance Coach for LA Rams Cheerleaders Team

The LA Rams select their cheerleaders team members based on more than just appearance and agile movement. The LA Rams want cheerleaders who are involved with their communities. Community service and outreach are deciding factors.

This is the story of coach Aubrey at Que Rico Dance Company and her tryout to join the LA Rams cheerleaders team. It is a story that illustrates and the deep relationships we share with our partners. I Have a Dream Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) has been partnering with Que Rico Dance Company Los Angeles for the past year. Our student Dreamers from Watts love learning new dances and dance techniques from Jorge and Aubrey, their Que Rico dance coaches (known as Mr. Jorge and Ms. Aubrey to the Dreamers). In addition to impacting our disadvantaged kids with their dance lessons, the Que Rico dance coaches have also impacted the Dreamers as mentors and support systems. Jorge and Aubrey both mentor several of the Dreamers from Watts and continue to encourage all of the students to try their best in everything they do. The Dreamers admire and look up to both of these amazing individuals, and IHADLA is proud to be partnered with Que Rico.

Que Rico Dance Coach Aubrey Inspires Watts Dreamers

IHADLA is very fortunate to have a woman with so much drive and skill teaching and inspiring our 6th grade Dreamers. Ms. Aubrey is a phenomenal individual with a heart of gold, and she is also an amazing professional dancer. She has served as a wonderful, positive role model to all of our Dreamers – male and female – just by doing what she loves. More specifically, two of our female Dreamers, Ashley and Kanija, have blossomed since Ms. Aubrey started teaching them how to dance. Both Ashley and Kanija were known to be very shy and tentative, but the more they were around Ms. Aubrey and learned from her, the more confident they became. When Ashley and Kanija dance, they look so happy and carefree – you would never guess that these two girls used to be so shy! The positive changes in how the girls walk, talk, and act in their day-to-day lives are truly amazing. Dancing has definitely brought out the best in these two kind and talented young girls who may have taken longer to flourish if Que Rico and Ms. Aubrey had not stepped in to teach our Dreamers to dance.

IHADLA Mentor and Coach Tries Out for LA Rams Cheerleaders

As many of you know, the NFL Rams moved to Los Angeles. Their new stadium will be built in Inglewood, where one of IHADLA’s program sites is located (Program 16/17). With the Rams coming to LA and Ms. Aubrey’s passion for dancing, Ms. Aubrey tried out to be a member of the LA Rams cheerleaders team. The Dreamers were aware that Ms. Aubrey was about to have her final tryout – the tryout that would determine if she would be on the Rams cheerleaders team. The kids wanted to support their dance coach as she had supported them throughout the year. Thus, to prepare for the big day and support her as best as they could, the Dreamers rallied together and made Ms. Aubrey a beautiful sign that read, “Ms. Aubrey Rocks!”

IHADLA shows support to their coach and mentor trying out for LA Rams Cheerleaders
The Watts Dreamers who made Ms. Aubrey’s sign. They even made pom-poms to go with it!

Although the Dreamers could not make it out to support Ms. Aubrey in person at the tryouts, they were definitely there in spirit. The sign was also delivered to Ms. Aubrey before the tryout. While Ms. Aubrey was performing for the judges, one of her colleagues brought out the sign and held it up. After the tryout, Ms. Aubrey was elated as she took a picture with the IHADLA sign.

IHADLA LA Rams Cheerleaders Team Que Rico Aubrey
Ms. Aubrey with the sign made by the Dreamers the night of her final tryout

Congratulations Aubrey for Making the LA Rams Cheerleaders Team

We recently learned from Ms. Aubrey that she made the Rams cheerleaders team! The Dreamers were excited to know that Ms. Aubrey would be representing an NFL Team and that they personally know someone who is a part of LA Rams team. To show how happy they were for her, the Dreamers made another sign to congratulate Ms. Aubrey on her accomplishment. One of our Dreamers, Aaron, commented that, “It’s so cool to have experienced this and that we know her!” Aaron thinks it’s really amazing that he knew Ms. Aubrey before she became a member of the cheerleader team and that she will now be cheering on the Rams!

IHADLA Watts support LA Rams Cheerleader Aubrey
Congrats, Ms. Aubrey! We are so proud of you!

We proudly congratulate Ms. Aubrey for making the LA Rams cheerleaders team and look forward to continue working with her through the dance classes that Que Rico so graciously provides to IHADLA.

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LA Rams Cheerleaders Aubrey is a Coach and Mentor to I Have a Dream Foundation Los Angeles