LAUSD Students Not Ready for College

The I Have a Dream Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) strives to the break the cycle of poverty in underserved communities by working with low-income students from Title One schools throughout the greater Los Angeles area. IHADLA provides free year-round academic, socioemotional, and cultural services to our students, also known as our Dreamers, through a variety of whole-child programs, including academic enrichment, after school homework services, health and wellness, mentoring, and in-school guidance. Fostering the growth and development of the whole-child ensures educational goals can be met by addressing various issues that can impact academic achievement.

LAUSD Scores Low on State Tests

The Los Angeles Times recently issued an article on California’s standardized test results and reported that, “most California students are falling short of state learning targets and are not on track to succeed in college.” In addition, the LA Times stated that LAUSD’s results are an average of 10% lower than the state as a whole. The state sets the standards high to ensure students are prepared for four-year universities. This impacts these results and demonstrates the academic areas California needs to address to improve test scores.

students who met or exceeded standards in math

students who met or exceeded the standards in English

IHADLA Whole Child Education Helps LAUSD Students from Low Scoring Areas Get into College

These low scores are reflective of the scores in the communities with which IHADLA partners and of why the Foundation works with students from low scoring areas to get them to college. The “I Have a Dream” Foundation improves the Dreamers’ education and overall life experiences while empowering them to live more optimistic lives through whole-child education programs and services. By addressing issues outside of the educational realm, such as mental health, social skills, and cultural enrichment, we help California’s students achieve standardized test targets while increasing the overall effectiveness of educational measures set by the state. IHADLA prepares its students for post-secondary education after high school graduation through free, year-round services. Upon high school graduation, we provide Dreamers with up to $8,000 in scholarships to help them finance their post-secondary education goals and dreams and thus ensure that the students can finance college, not just be admitted.

If you would like to support IHADLA and help increase college entry rates, please consider supporting the organization through volunteering, mentoring, or donating.

IHADLA Dreamer Alumnus and Dreamer Mentee Graduation Photo
Edgardo Hernandez graduating with a BS in Business Administration/concentration in accounting at Cal State Dominguez Hills. Edgardo is a Dreamer alumnus from our Program 15 program in Pasadena. He is also mentor to Jesse Torres, shown to his right, student Dreamer from our Watts Program 18.

View the full article by Howard Blume from the LA Times.

Los Angeles Times staff writers Ryan Menezes, Sandra Poindexter and Ben Welsh conducted data analysis for this report.