LA’s inner-city drop-out rate motivates IHADLA to take action

The numbers can seem daunting – even when they’re improving. Just last year, the state Department of Education proudly announced that LAUSD’s graduation rate had reached 66%.

While improvements bring much-needed encouragement to all of us working to improve education, the statistics still fall short of our big dreams. We are so excited for that 66%. However, this also means one-third of LA students are failing to take advantage of their resources. Thirty-three percent are neglecting the opportunity to learn and move forward with their education – and the number drops even lower for inner-city students.

This is why we do what we do. This is why we volunteer, mentor, fundraise, and do whatever else we can, to help these students – because we are needed and because we make a difference.

Check out the infographic and video below to see how IHADLA is changing the drop-out culture in the inner city:

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