SHARE Inc. Supports Mentoring Program for Los Angeles At-Risk Youth

On February 3rd 2016, the SHARE 4 Children (SHARE Inc.) Board of Directors graciously granted the I Have a Dream Foundation – Los Angeles funds for our mentoring program at an exciting check presentation. Our CEO, Debra Fine, and development manager, Emily, received the check from the wonderful and giving women of SHARE.

SHARE Inc. is a nonprofit philanthropic organization composed of women who are passionately dedicated and committed to raising funds for the developmentally disabled, for abused and neglected children, and for medical research for all forms of developmental disabilities. For 60 years, the ladies of SHARE have continuously striven to “SHARE happily and reap endlessly!”

IHADLA Debra Fine and SHARE director September Sarno with mentoring program check.
One of SHARE’s Officers, Samantha, and IHADLA’s CEO/ Executive Director, Debra, posing together at the SHARE check presentation.

IHADLA is very grateful for the continued support of SHARE 4 Children, as their generous donations have allowed the charity’s mentoring component to progress toward our long-term goal of matching each Dreamer with a mentor. A mentor is a trusted, caring adult and a stable role model who can help empower a child to make positive choices. The National Mentoring Partnership reports that young adults who were at-risk for falling off track but had a mentor were more likely to enroll in college, volunteer, and become a mentor themselves. IHADLA recognizes mentoring as one of the most vital components of our programming to assure our students’ academic, social, and emotional success.

Become a Mentor through IHADLA’s Mentoring Program

IHADLA mentors are valuable members of our team who help instill hope in our Dreamers and support and guide them in achieving their educational and personal goals. Our IHADLA mentors are asked to meet with their Dreamer mentees twice a month for the first three months and then once a month, or more, thereafter. We also require that they keep in touch once a week. Simple activities such as going to the beach, playing games, checking out a free concert at the park, seeing a movie, or playing a game of catch make such a difference to a young person eager for guidance and acceptance. Being a mentor is easy and fun and can be a life-changing experience for both the mentor and the mentee.

IHADLA Laurie and Marina
Board Member and mentor Laurie Zaks with her mentee, Marina.
IHADLA student Dreamer Dy’Mond with Mentor Maureen McComsey
Dy’Mond with Mentor Maureen McComsey
IHADLA AhaNah and Teryn Mentor and Mentee
Blast from the past: mentor Teryn with mentee AhaNah.

Thanks to amazing organizations like SHARE 4 Children, more Dreamers have the opportunity to experience the positive impact of a mentor!

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