IHADLA Watts Program Donation Drive for Mexico Earthquake Relief Effort

In response to the recent Mexico earthquake, our Watts Program 18 staff and middle school students collaborated with Ms. Diaz, a teacher at Animo James B. Taylor Charter Middle School, to put together a donation drive for the earthquake relief effort.

Ms. Diaz called her students’ families and sent an email to all the teachers at Animo James middle school asking for support so they could purchase much-needed supplies for those affected by the earthquake. The collected items were dropped off in Downtown LA, where Superchief Gallery Los Angeles hosted a supply drive and a food and art fundraiser in support of relief efforts for Mexico.

Founded in 2012 by Edward Zico and Bill Dunleavy, Superchief Gallery is an independent artist-run gallery with permanent large scale warehouse locations in New York City and Downtown LA. It has a history of supporting artists from disparate scenes and collectives, enabling them to participate in the larger community.

We are very proud of our Watts staff and Dreamer scholars for their show of community service and support!

Program 18 Watts Dreamers at Target for Mexico Earthquake Relief Drive
Program 18 middle school Dreamer scholars visited stores such as Target to pick out the much-needed items for the supply drive
IHADLA Student Dreamers Loading Items for Mexico Relief Onto Shopping Carts
Some students helped push the shopping carts while others picked items and helped load them onto the carts
Program 18 IHADLA Dreamers Placing Water Bottles into Shopping Cart for Mexico Relief
Water bottles were a key item the Dreamer scholars focused on when selecting supplies for the drive
Dreamer with Food Donation for Mexico Earthquake Community Service Project
This Dreamer scholar picked out non-perishable food for the relief drive
IHADLA Community Service for Mexico Earthquake Relief
Medicine was also a key item
IHADLA Watts Dreamers Buying Medical Supplies for Mexico Earthquake Victims
The Dreamer scholars made sure to send medical supplies such as bandages to those affected by the earthquake
IHADLA Education Charity Dreamer with Diapers for Earthquake Relief Drive
Much-needed supplies such as diapers were sent to help the earthquake relief effort
IHADLA Program Coordinator Lupe Camberos with Watts Student Dreamers for Mexico Earthquake Community Service
Program Coordinator Lupe Camberos helped the Dreamer scholars pick out baby food to send to Mexico
Smiling IHADLA Student Picking Supplies for Mexico Earthquake Victims
The Dreamer scholars were happy to be able to help the relief effort by being a part of the supply drive
Watts Program Coordinators Kylia Lewis and Lupe Camberos at Superchief Gallery for Mexico Earthquake Relief Drive
After helping the Dreamer scholars pick supplies, program coordinators Kylia Lewis and Lupe Camberos dropped off the supplies at Superchief Gallery