MLK Day of Service 2024

Our 6th and 7th-grade Dreamer Scholars were invited by The UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and Community Engagement offices to attend a Day of Service called “I Have a Dream in STEM.”

Our students enjoyed engaging in a Q&A panel and some exciting hands-on healthcare workshops led by medical professionals from various backgrounds. Dreamer Scholars were joined by current UCLA medical school students who took part in educating them on diverse topics such as bones and how bone fractures occur. There were even mini pathology labs, and Dreamer Scholars were taught to put an arm cast on their peers.

Students Ryley Woodard and Katelyn O’Mally were chosen to be co-facilitators for the Q&A panel, where they introduced themselves and assisted during the group discussion. Both received Certificates of Excellence for their preparation and willingness to speak during the event.

There was even a surprise visit from UCLA mascots Joe and Josie Bruin, whom our students were very excited to be able to meet!

This event, hosted by the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and Community Engagement offices in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., was an incredibly enriching experience for our students. We appreciate the exposure to different fields and careers the event provided for the Dreamer Scholars and are grateful for our hosts’ hospitality. We thank them for this unique experience they gifted to our students!

Here are some quotes from Dreamers Scholars and a parent:

“The field trip was fun. I was nervous about being a speaker, but it felt good when it was over, and I got the certificate. I liked when we got to put the casts on each other,” said Dreamer Scholar Katelyn.

“I loved that we got to meet the UCLA students. One of them was nice to me and told me to keep following my dreams to be a lawyer,” said Dreamer Scholar Ri’yan.

“The UCLA STEM Field Trip provided hands-on tools and exposure to the Medical Industry. One highlight was the Panelists who answered the students ‘ questions to share their experiences. Overall, this was a great way to inspire students to follow their passions in life and find ways to showcase their gifts, whether it’s science, technology, engineering, or math. This was an awesome learning environment! Thank you, I Have A Dream Staff, for investing in meaningful and insightful field trips and including families!” said Antoinette, Parent of a Dreamer Scholar.