Program 20’s Inauguration

The event started with Principal Gregory and Superintendent Dr. Melendez addressing the Dreamer Scholars and their family members. IHADLA CEO and Executive Director Pamela Miller then welcomed the students into our program.

Robert Pullen-Miles from Assemblywoman Autumn Burke’s office (District 62) spoke and presented IHADLA with a certificate of recognition for our dedication to our students and continued efforts to empower and educate our youth.

Chaznae, Georgina, and Janell then led the students in our new “Dream Team” chant. Check out the Dreamer Scholars practicing the full chant before the event at the bottom of this post.

Program 18 Coordinators Kylia Lewis and Maria Martinez and Program Assistant Selina Melgarejo handed out a backpack stuffed with school supplies to each student.

We’d like to acknowledge Janell Lewis, our Senior Director of Programs; Chaznae Walker and Georgina Cortinas, Program 20’s Coordinators; and our other team members who supported the enrollment process. Thanks to their hard work, we have 44 new Dreamer Scholars (and will possibly have 9 more soon)!

Check out the gallery below for videos and photos of the event!

Senior Program Director Chaznae Walker practicing the chant with our Dreamer Scholars before parents and guests arrive.