Regina King Acknowledges Los Angeles Education Charity IHADLA

Thank you so much Regina King for your acknowledgement of the work education charity “I Have a Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) does to support underprivileged youth in our Los Angeles program communities of Boyle Heights, Watts and Inglewood.

Regina King acknowledging the work of education charity I Have a Dream Foundation - Los Angeles
Regina King acknowledging the work of “I Have a Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles on the Golden Globes Red Carpet

“Being an L.A. girl and knowing how hard it is, especially for kids in public schools, to make it to college. They are doing all that they can to help kids that are not as privileged get through high school and go on to college.

Education is really important. My mother is a teacher. Those things she instilled in me when I was a little girl, making those things part of my foundation, making those things second nature to me, is the reason I am able to stand here and talk to you. That’s what makes “I Have a Dream” Foundation special to me.”
~ Regina King

We very much appreciate your designating your $1,000 to our foundation so that we can get more of these kids through high school and into college.

Thank you to Moet & Chandon, the official sponsor of the Golden Globes for making this possible. And thank you to ET Online for recording it.

Congratulations to you Regina King for your great accomplishments in your career as a director, producer and actress.

Entertainment Tonight quotes our CEO, Debra Fine in their Regina King article.

“I Have a Dream’ Foundation Los Angeles is proud to be a part of Regina King’s wonderful philanthropic work,” added Debra Fine, CEO and Executive Director of the “I Have a Dream” Foundation in Los Angeles. “During a time where many children are in fear about their future, we are helping to stabilize the families in our communities through education, mental health and social work mentoring, tutoring, and an $8000 scholarship for each student that graduates from high school.”

About I Have a Dream Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA)

I Have a Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) sponsors an entire class of at-risk third graders at an underserved school in a low-income neighborhood, regardless of each student’s academic level or learning challenges. Through our programs, we empower underprivileged youth to become successful young adults.

Staying with our students (“Dreamers”) through high school and then to and through post-secondary education, we make a long-term commitment to provide free year-round programs, services, and individualized case management for 10 consecutive years. We have recently launched a college and career program that helps college students stay in and finish college and find work.

The Foundation provides a comprehensive whole-child education program that prepares students for higher education and a successful and empowered life through academic support, social-emotional development, college and career prep, campus visits, tutoring, cultural enrichment, prevention programs (drug, crime, and pregnancy), and one-on-one mentoring.

When our Dreamers graduate from high school, we offer them a scholarship for college and other forms of higher education.

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