#SHE Sessions: You Are Enough

As we prepare for the holiday season, shopping for gifts becomes a priority with Christmas quickly approaching. However, one can easily forget the most important aspect of the holiday season. It isn’t about the gifts, the decoration, or even the food, but knowing what we currently have in our lives is sufficient no matter the circumstance; knowing that we are enough despite what has been portrayed in the media.

Every Life is Important, Despite Your Circumstances

Here at I Have a Dream, our message is to ensure every student understands their value and to never underestimate their own capabilities. Our Dreamer scholars are given many opportunities to participate in different events because we know it is important for every child to feel included in their experiences. This year, we were so thrilled to have given twelve dreamer scholars the opportunity of attending a concert organized by Little Voices. “You Are Enough” was this year’s overall theme, highlighting the importance of how precious each individual life is no matter their background or circumstances.

Our Dreamer Scholar Girls were Empowered by the Message Given During this Event

The event, which took place on December 1st, offered 600 girls in the foster care system complimentary admission. The message during this event was so powerful in reminding young women to never undervalue herself in any circumstances. To never allow society to bring her down in any way, because she is important, she is enough. Denise and Kanija both exclaimed this was one of the best days of their lives and how they were both so grateful to have been given this opportunity. Every dreamer scholar told us they were not only moved by this event, but also felt empowered.

The Dreamer scholars Were Given An Amazing Experience

In addition to the concert, there were photo booths set up for girls to commemorate the occasion, as well as multiple beauty stations popups for the girls to be pampered by getting their hair, nails, or make-up done. Denise shared that she felt so beautiful after her make-up session. None of the girls on the trip had ever been to such an event and had such an amazing experience that no one wanted to leave at the end.