TechStyle Fashion Group Hosts STEAM Education Event for IHADLA Dreamer scholars

A key focus of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) program is STEAM education. The STEAM field combines STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) with art and design, and STEAM skills have become critically important for students to learn as workplaces become increasingly reliant on technology and software. Through enrichment trips, Dream speakers, and STEAM activities, our program seeks to teach our students (whom we affectionately call our “Dreamer scholars”) the STEAM skills they will need to succeed in their future careers. Thanks to partnerships, such as the one we have with our friends at TechStyle, our Dreamer scholars can learn these skills while also getting a firsthand look at how exciting and fun it can be to work in the STEAM field. For the second year in a row, the wonderful team at TechStyle organized a STEAM-focused event for our Dreamer scholars where they learned about how science and art intertwine in the fashion world. These events have proven to be very impactful for our Dreamer scholars, as they have provided a chance for them to discuss future careers one-on-one with professionals in the STEAM field and learn about how they can go about pursuing a career like theirs. Read on for all the exciting details about this year’s TechStyle STEAM event for our Dreamer scholars!

IHADLA Program Manager Janell Lewis and the Dreamers watching a presentation during the TechStyle STEAM event

The TechStyle Team Hosted an Informational STEAM Presentation for Our Dreamer scholars

During the presentation, the Dreamers learned about all the different STEAM jobs available at companies like TechStyle

The event began with a great educational presentation for our Dreamer scholars hosted by TechStyle staff members Lilli and Ally. The presentation touched on many different topics, including what TechStyle does, what different members of the TechStyle staff do as part of their work, and how the fashion world combines elements of design and STEM. The Dreamer scholars learned about all the different employees and specialties needed at a fashion company like TechStyle, including stylists, coordinators, IT team members, website designers, and marketing team members. Lilli and Ally also discussed some of the typical duties they and other team members perform on a daily basis. In addition, the presentation included several fun activities, including a demonstration of how to create a simple video game using basic computer programming. Overall, the presentation gave the Dreamer scholars a great introduction to many different roles and careers within the STEAM industry and gave them a chance to learn some new exciting skills.

The Dreamer scholars Got to Discuss STEAM Careers Directly with TechStyle Team Members

The Dreamer scholars had the opportunity to discuss working in a STEAM field directly with the TechStyle staff

After the presentation, the Dreamer scholars split up and had the opportunity to speak with members of the TechStyle staff in small groups to hear from them directly about their roles and how they entered the STEAM field. The Dreamer scholars had a great time hearing the TechStyle team members’ stories and asking questions about what it’s like working for the company. This activity gave the Dreamer scholars a chance to ask one-on-one questions to STEAM industry professionals, which is a valuable opportunity that not many students from underserved communities get. This allowed them to see the possibilities available to them in the art and science fields and to hear firsthand how people in the field got to where they are today.

As part of the event’s activities, the Dreamer scholars wrote their dream careers on cards and then decorated them

While discussing careers and roles with the staff, the Dreamer scholars had a chance to practice their design skills by decorating cards provided by the TechStyle team. The Dreamer scholars first wrote down their dream professions on the cards, then they styled and decorated them with arts and crafts supplies. This gave them the opportunity to share their own dreams and aspirations with the TechStyle team and connect with their stories on a more personal level. Thanks to their discussions, the Dreamer scholars got to see that they too have the opportunity to reach their dream careers through education and hard work.

The TechStyle Event Ended with A Fun Treat for the Dreamer scholars

The TechStyle team had a nice surprise for the Dreamer scholars to end the event

The event ended with a little treat for the Dreamer scholars: cookies! The TechStyle staff had prepared fresh cookies that were ready to be decorated by the Dreamer scholars with colorful icing and candy. The Dreamer scholars had a lot of fun creating designs on their cookies while continuing their conversations with the TechStyle staff members. During this part of the event, the staff members rotated around the different tables so the Dreamer scholars had a chance to hear from everyone. The TechStyle team joined in on the fun by decorating their own cookies while discussing the Dreamer scholar’s ideal careers with them. After they were finished decorating, the Dreamer scholars and staff members ended the event by eating their delicious and colorful cookies.

Thank You Very Much to TechStyle for their Ongoing Support!

This STEAM event was both fun and informative for the Dreamers thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of the TechStyle team members

Thank you very much to the TechStyle team for hosting their STEAM presentation for our Dreamer scholars again this year. These presentations truly make a difference in the Dreamer scholars’ lives by giving them an inside look at how exciting and fun it can be to work in the STEAM field and by showing them that careers like these are a possibility for them. We look forward to working with TechStyle again in the future!

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