Watts IHADLA Dreamer scholars Learn STEM Concepts with Thermochromic Slime

The “I Have A Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) strives to inspire excitement for learning in our students (whom we call “Dreamer scholars”). Due to the ever-growing importance of STEM careers, we especially try to foster excitement for STEM topics through fun science-based projects and activities. Recently, the Watts Dreamer scholars had the opportunity to participate in one such activity as they made thermochromic slime!

IHALA Watts Female Dreamer Students Mixing Thermochromic Slime STEM Activity
The Dreamer scholars mixing slime with thermochromic dye

Thermochromic slime (also known as thermochromatic slime) is slime mixed with thermochromic dye, which changes color depending on its temperature. For example, the slime might be purple at room temperature but turn green when submerged in cold water. The dye creates a lot of cool effects and color combinations when it is mixed into the stretchy slime, and the Dreamer scholars had a lot of fun experimenting and changing the slime’s temperature and color. The Dreamer scholars were naturally curious about the slime’s interesting properties, and they excitedly asked IHADLA Program Coordinator Lupe Camberos questions about what caused the slime to undergo the changes it did. Lupe used the opportunity to engage with the Dreamer scholars and discuss various science concepts, such as the difference between physical changes and chemical changes. These discussions helped reinforce science concepts the Dreamer scholars were learning in their classes at Animo James B. Taylor Middle School. This project allowed the Dreamer scholars to see STEM concepts at work and experience how fun science projects can be. Needless to say, they also had a blast playing with the slime.

IHADLA Education Charity STEM Activity in Watts
The Dreamer scholars mixing the ingredients for the slime
IHADLA Dreamer Stretching Purple Slime for Watts experiement
Once they were done mixing the ingredients, the Dreamer scholars played around with the stretchy slime
IHADLA Watts Dreamer Playing with Pink Slime
The Dreamer scholars had fun exploring the slime’s physical properties, including it’s ability to stretch
IHADLA Dreamer Playing with Slime STEM Project
This fun activity provoked the Dreamer scholars’ curiosities and got them thinking about various STEM concepts