IHADLA Hosts Transition to College Workshops to Promote Parent Engagement

The “I Have A Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles seeks to empower and educate entire communities with its programs. While we primarily work directly with our students (whom we call “Dreamer scholars”), we also strive to involve Dreamer scholar parents and families in their children’s education whenever possible. One important period during which parent engagement is critical is during Dreamer scholars’ transition from high school to college. Students can easily become overwhelmed during this transition, and parental support can make a big difference. In September, the “I Have A Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles held the first of six monthly Transition to College workshops to promote parent engagement and help Dreamer scholar parents effectively support their graduating seniors during the critical college transition period.

IHADLA Kelly Trivino and Chaznae Walker Parent Engagement Workshop
IHADLA College Manager Kelly Trivino (far left) and Inglewood Program Coordinator Chaznae Walker (far right) led the parent workshop

IHADLA College Workshop Focused on Parent Engagement

The first workshop, which was held in Century Community Charter School, focused on the importance of parent involvement during the college process and was open to parents of Dreamer scholars in their senior year of high school. College Manager Kelly Trivino and Program Coordinator Chaznae Walker, who facilitated the workshop, used a curriculum developed by Families in Schools, an organization that helps parents engage in their children’s education.

IHADLA Parent Transition to College Transition Workshop Program Coordinator Chaznae Walker with Parent
Program Coordinator Chaznae Walker and College Manager Kelly Trivino ensured that the parents felt comfortable asking questions and engaging during the discussions

The workshop covered a variety of topics, including general college entrance requirements and strategies parents can use to get involved during their child’s college experience. The parents were eager to learn and excited to gain new skills to help their children. Thanks to their strong relationships with the IHADLA program coordinators, the parents felt comfortable asking questions and being open about their concerns.

Parent Engagement Workshop Included Discussion of College “Match” and “Fit”

IHADLA Dreamer Parent College Transition Workshop
The parents learned about how to use college “match” and “fit” to help their Dreamer scholars choose the best college for them

Two key concepts discussed during the workshop were college “match” and “fit”. Parents and their Dreamer scholars can organize their college search around these concepts to find a college that is a good fit for the Dreamer scholar’s needs, personality, goals, and learning style. Parents received a comprehensive “college match and fit” handout, which incorporates criteria such as location, learning environment, and majors offered. The Dreamer scholar parents can use the template to ensure their Dreamer scholar will be comfortable at his or her school, and therefore more likely to succeed. The workshop also included time for the parents to ask questions about how the template can apply to their Dreamer scholar’s specific situation.

IHADLA Parent Engagement Workshop Dreamer Parents Asking Question
The parents were eager to learn about how they can help their children during the college transition

IHADLA Dreamer Scholar Parents Learned About Students’ Transition to College Experience

The Dreamer scholar parents left the first workshop with a comprehensive overview of what the college experience entails and how they can support their child’s transition to college. They are now ready for this month’s workshop, which will address financial planning for college. We look forward to seeing them continue building their skills and helping their children transition into college.

IHADLA Transition to College Parent Workshop Parents with CEO Debra Fine
IHADLA CEO Debra Fine with two smiling parents after they completed the workshop