Tweet Super Bowl CBS PSAs Featuring I Have a Dream Foundation

Super Bowl commercials are expensive, very visible, and very social. I will detail in this article how to follow and tweet Super Bowl ads 2016 as we exchange opinions about the SB50 spots in real time as they air. We at I Have a Dream Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) are thrilled that the Foundation will be included in the Super Bowl commercials this Sunday thanks to CBSCares PSAs. With a 30 second ad during Super Bowl 2016 going for $5,000,000, it is obvious that a 15 second spot is worth a great deal of money, and we are humbly grateful for this donation.

Already, CBS has been very generous to us, running PSA’s featuring “I Have a Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles starring LL Cool J and Mayim Bialik during their top prime time national shows as well as their Los Angeles local shows from November 27 to December 29. You can read more about those CBS Cares PSA’s.

These Super Bowl ads for charity launch a new CBS PSA series with Téa Leoni (Madam Secretary) and Tom Selleck (Blue Bloods).

Tea Leoni and Tom Selleck Super Bowl Ad CBS PSA Featuring I Have a Dream Foundation

How To Tweet Super Bowl Ads 2016 or Just Follow Along SB50 Ads

The objective is to tweet your opinion about SB50 ads as they air, but there is no harm in being prepared by reviewing the roster of the advertisements in advance. To search for others tweeting about ads, search these hashtags:
#BrandBowl #AdBowl #HashTagBowl #SB50SMChat. Leading up to the game and as it starts, I will further refine this information. It is also important to know that the Super Bowl 50 hashtag is #SB50. Use this and Twitter will add a nice football icon to your tweet. Each of the SB50 ads has its own hashtag as well.

I joined Twitter on December 24, 2007. I have been participating in Super Bowl ad tweeting since at least 2009. Being a marketing person, I am the kind of person who doesn’t fast forward through prime time ads, and this is the prime of prime time. It is fun to join millions of other people who are also interested in Super Bowl ads all talking about them at the same time.

I am told the #SB50SMChat Twitter chat attracted 700 participants last year.
SB50SMChat a chat about SB50 ads during SB50

Super Bowl Commercials 2016 Resources – AdWeek, Marketing Land, Brand Watch, AdAge plus

AdWeek puts a great deal of effort into Super Bowl commercials working around the clock to keep you up to date on their latest information. These are some of the updates they included on a recent Super Bowl ad post:

GoPro is running its first Big Game spot. 
Schick’s ad is live.
Fitbit will run its first Super Bowl spot this year.
Shock Top released its final 30-second spot.
Disney will promote The Jungle Book.
Paramount will advertise the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.
Fiat Chrysler announced it has two spots running on Sunday.
Pepsi released a spot starring Janelle Monáe.
The NFL released another “No More” Super Bowl campaign.
Toyota released a teaser featuring the Prius.

AdWeek also lists the Super Bowl 50 ads, the agencies and gives you links to watch the ads in advance when they can.

You can follow Ad Week on Twitter @Adweek.

Here are some recent articles:
Super Bowl Ad Tracker Everything We Know About 2016

Super Bowl 50 Ad Chart Buying Although this says “chart” it is a list.

Marketing Land is Running a HashTag Bowl for SB50 Commercials

Marketing Land Lists the 50 Advertisers with details about their campaigns.

You can follow Marketing Land on Twitter @MarketingLand

Sales Force Brand Watch Super Bowl Ad Tracker

Brand Watch Super Bowl Ad Data
Brand Watch Super Bowl 50 Ad Data

You can follow Brand Watch React @BW_react.

Get the updates on this chart directly.

Marketing Land lists here which specific ad hashtags are already leading. Right now avocados with #AvosInSpace. They are getting this data from Brand Watch which is owned by the behemoth social analytics company Sales Force.

Advertising Age Key Super Bowl Marketing Stories @AdAge

Helen Mirren Anti Drunk Driving ad for Budweiser

Follow Advertising age @AdAge

Please Help Us Gain Visibility By Tweeting About the CBS Super Bowl PSA Featuring I Have a Dream Foundation

Suggested tweets:

Tweet #SocialGood. I Have a Dream Foundation @IHADLA #CBSCares #SB50 PSAs #SB50SMChat #AdBowl #TeaLeoni #TomSelleck

CBS PSA featuring @TheTeaLeoni for @IHADLA is a touchdown for #education! #AdBowl #CBSCares #SB50 #B50SMChat

Lots of deets on how to tweet #SB50 ads => Tweet for #SocialGood and mention @IHADLA #TeaLeoni PSA #CBSCares #adbowl

Lots of deets on how to tweet #SB50 ads => Tweet for #SocialGood and mention @IHADLA #TomSelleck PSA #CBSCares #adbowl

Some of the CBS PSA’s Featuring I Have a Dream Foundation – Los Angeles during Nov Dec 2015

How You Can Help I Have a Dream Foundation Los Angeles