Watts Summer Program

Program 18 Dreamers from Watts enjoyed their annual summer program. The Watts Summer Program supports our Dreamer’s transition from 99St. Elementary to Animo James B. Taylor Middle School.

We held the summer program at 99th St. Elementary for four weeks (June 8- July 2). Monday through Thursday academic curriculum was taught, along with enrichment activities. Each Friday, students participated in a fun incentive field trip. We contracted two 99th St. Elementary teachers to teach 5th-6th grade curriculum to our students (Ms.Sanges for Math and Ms. Celis for English). The first two weeks, students reviewed 5th grade curriculum, and the last two weeks, students learned 6th grade curriculum. 

English Language Arts Class

Dreamers began the morning reading “Holes” by Louis Sachar out loud. The Dreamers then reviewed vocabulary through a class activity. The teacher then gave a small writing lesson based on the focus for the day.  Usually, following the lesson, Dreamers practiced what they had just learned by writing based on a prompt.  After the lesson, the Dreamers dispersed into small groups to work on vocabulary games, creative writing, writing skills and strategies, or fluency reading activities led by the teacher, IHAD staff, or volunteers.  

Math Class

The first half of math class consisted of 5th grade review, including multiplying and dividing decimals, adding/subtracting/dividing fractions, and working with percentages.

The second half of math class covered 6th grade curriculum with a focus on ratios, graphing coordinates, graphing slopes, and finding area and volume of objects.

Enrichment Clubs 

Art Club
Led by IHADLA staff, Ms. Kylia
Students worked on multiple art projects which included painting, sculpturing, and art design among other art related activities.
Team Building Club
Led by IHADLA staff, Ms. Alvarado
Students worked on projects, games, and activities that emphasized group effort, character building, and team building.

team building IHADLA Watts summer program w Helen Keller quote
Team-building exercise

Professional Development Club
Mr. Campos and Ms. Devra provided a professional development project.  Each Dreamer researched their future career and college path using job search websites. They had a choice to build a small structure model of a building from their college research or write/create a job description to their future job.

IHADLA Watts students working on their project during career development club
Students working on their project during Career Development Club

Watts Summer Program IHADLA Career Development Club company research
Career Development Club company research

To add to the fun of programs, each day of the week was a special day. 
Monday: Pajama Day
Tuesday: Twin Day  
Wednesday: Crazy Hair Day  
Wednesday is crazy hair day at the IHADLA Watts Summer Program
Wednesday is “crazy hair day” at the Watts Summer Program

Thursday: Sports Jersey Day 

Friday Field Trips

Sky Zone
Dreamers spent 2 hours jumping in different trampoline areas in the trampoline park.
USC Rocket Bottle Launch at 99th St. Elementary School 
Dr. Veronica Eliasson, Assistant Professor from USC in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, came to 99th St. Elementary with some of her students to do a bottle rocket launch presentation.  After the presentation, Dreamers were split into groups and spent the rest of the day making and launching their own rockets. Students learned about pressure, gravity, force, and the basics of how rockets function.  They also competed against each other to see whose rocket went the highest.

Dr. Veronica Eliasson, Assistant Professor from USC's Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering students with Watts IHADLA Dreamers
Dr. Veronica Eliasson, assistant professor from USC, and aerospace and mechanical engineering students with Watts Dreamers

Watts Summer Program IHADLA Bottle Rockets Project

Watts Summer Program IHADLA Bottle Rockets Project

Watts Summer Program IHADLA Bottle Rockets Project

Natalie Nguyen USC student participating in IHADLA rocket luanchers
Image thanks to Natalie Nguyen, USC student who participated in this rocket bottle launch program

Dreamers enjoyed a short boat cruise along the Newport Harbor. Then they participated in a variety of hands-on activities and learning experiences in their Ocean Literacy Center, Science Courtyard, and Adventure Outpost. Students learned about sea animals, oceanography, cleaning our environment, and tools used to explore the ocean.  From there, Dreamers walked over to a local park to eat their lunch and continue the fun with games and catching crustaceans off the Balboa Pier. 

IHADLA student Dreamers enjoying boat cruise during Watts Summer Program
Students enjoying boat cruise along Newport Harbor
IHADLA Watts summer program students experimenting with different types of sand
Students experimenting with different types of sand

IHADLA student Dreamer Jennifer Lott reporting learning how to report weather news at Explorocean during Watts Summer Program
Jennifer Lott learning how to report weather news at Explorocean

Soak City
Students enjoyed a fun filed day at Soak City water park.