AmeriCorps Member

Yandeline Yacabalquiej is serving as an Americorp member in Inglewood under Program 20. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, but proudly has Mayan heritage on her father’s side. Growing up in a diverse background, she learned to appreciate and embrace different cultures and challenges. 

Yandeline was able to graduate early from high school and decided to challenge herself by working with high school students. She dedicated herself to working in the arts category and helped students embrace their own culture through music, art, and filmmaking. 

In her spare time, she loves to indulge in binge-watching TV shows and spending quality time with her small circle of friends and loved ones. In addition, she enjoys exploring new cuisines. It gives her immense pleasure to try different foods and experiment with various flavors. 

Another fun fact about Yandeline is that she featured on a radio show and had the opportunity to speak about animal rights; a topic that she is very passionate about, due to her faith. She believes that living creatures should be cared about and it is the reason why she consumes a mostly vegan diet and encourages others to do the same.

Serving the community has become her passion, and she is grateful for the opportunity to provide emotional and educational support to the Dreamers Scholars through IHADLA. She believes that it is a fulfilling experience to assist students in developing their unique perspectives and interests, and looks forward to continuing to serve in this capacity!